Monday, January 02, 2006


Both Kiley and Luke didn't want to go to sleep tonight...and Lucas is usually waving on his way to bed by 8:30 every night, happy to be there. He's still up, Ryans currently taking his turn trying to get him down. I don't know what's wrong. It could be his 4th molar coming in, but I don't know. The other 3 came in with whining, but no all-nighters.
Funny, neither kid wanted to nap today. Kilynn rarely does lately anyway. Lucas only slept for maybe 45 minutes.
Kilynns asleep, thankfully, I have to get her up tomorrow morning. She starts school again, after a two week break. She's not a morning person either, really. I typically have to wake her up on pre-school days. Then again, she stays up later than a three year old probaly should. Atleast on pre-school nights I try to get her in bed earlier than usual.
She's adjusting to school well, and making friends. It's great.
It's hard paying for it, when it's not completly necassary, but I know it's good for her in the long run.

It was an uneventful day...cleaned this morning,watched some Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns, that shows is Inked. Played with kids, made dinner. I made Sushi, it was yummy. My brother got me addicted to adding toasted almonds! YUMM! I made some steak, and fried rice with it. But I mostly ate sushi. I don't eat any fancy stuff really, typically just avacado, cucumber, and carrot. Oh, and the almonds now. I do like a spicy shrimp roll also. I tried eel, when I was wasn't bad. I won't eat any raw fish though, like tuna or anything.
okay, I'd better end my late night rambling...
Off to bed!
Luke is quiet, aww! He was sooooo tired.

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