Sunday, February 05, 2006


We had a pretty big wind storm Friday night into yesterday afternoon.
Our power went out around midnight on Friday and didn't come back on until this morning around 1a.m. It was a long day. Kilynn had fun with it though.
Now, it's bad one, and we spent the day cleaning the house and cleaning up outside. A big branch took out part of our backyard fence.
Now, Ryans watching the Super Bowl, and I'm doing a little bit of that, and computer time.

I've been looking online for party ideas for Kilynns birthday, and I'm looking forward to it now.
She's going back on forth with themes again, but I think this year, I may get the Princess party I've been waiting for. lol.

This kitten insist on sitting on my lap when I'm on the computer. It's kind of annoying. Especially when it chases the arrow on the screen. lol!

Nothing new to's suppose to be sunny all week! YAY! I'm looking forward to it.
I took Lucas to play gym last week while Kilynn was in school. He liked it! Now this week, hopefully we can get to the park.

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