Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another weekend

Ryans working all this weekend.
Yesterday I went with my mom to an appointment in Anacortes, a town north of us. While she was at her appt. the kids and I drove around, and found a park to play at. I was proud of myself, driving around a town I didn't know, alone. LOL. ;0)

One the way home we stopped at another beach on the north side of the island. We'd never been there, it was nice, I think we'll go back this summer.

Today, I had an appointment, and been cleaning up today, and tonight.
Ryans dad, aunt and uncle are coming over for dinner and cake tomorrow night, for Ryans dads birthday.

I've neglected the house this week, so I'm trying to make up for it tonight.
It gets cleaned so much faster when Ryan helps and we work together. Yay!

All that's left, is our room! And Sadie needs a bath.

We were at Dairy Queen, and Lucas and Kilynn were playing "let's smile and stare at the people" with the older couple sitting behind us. Luckily the older couple were nice and enjoyed talking to the kids.
Of course, they asked "are they for sale?".
Why do older people always ask that? I've heard it soooo many times. Or at a store, they ask "what aisle can I get one of those on?". It's funny.

We're in the process of refinancing. We'll see how that goes! Hopefully well, it'll help our finances right now.

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