Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big boy bed

So, last night I got we moved Lucas out of his crib and into a toddler bed.
(that Kilynn insisted she liked better than her twin size bed).
He didn't need to be moved. He sleeps well in his crib, doesn't climb out. We didn't move Kiley until she was 2, and we were expecting Luke.
Well, we moved him, simply because I got a hair up my butt.
I was done with the bulky crib.
But, I guess I maybe should've waited.
He didn't stay in bed at all last night, he ended up in the playpen finally.
Why did I ruin a good thing? I don't know. I'm like that. LOL.

He did nap in it today.
We had planned on just bringing the crib back up tonight, but maybe we'll give it one more night and see what happens.

If I had thought about it more...I would've left him.
I don't trust him unconfined while I'm asleep. LOL.
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Blogging Miles said...

We moved Autumn at 22 months. I took quite a few of the toys out of the room and there's a gate at her door so she can't wander the house (one of my phobias that she'll be up in the middle of the night getting into trouble). It took a couple nights before she understood--I kept putting her back in bed--but she's doing great now. We put her to bed first and after she falls asleep, Karissa goes to bed.

Hang in there!