Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been awhile!

I haven't posted in awhile.
Been slacking, and enjoying the warm weather!

We've been working on the yard alot, Kilynn got a swing set for her birthday. So now, we're making a woodchip area for the swing and sandbox.

Today we got a load of woodchips, it's hard work getting them to the back yard.
We're also getting the yard and house ready for Kilynns birthday party this weekend.
Lots to do !

I took Lucas to the park while Kilynn was at school today, he was loving the slide today! kept going down, running back up the stairs, and doing it all over again.
We got Kileys sign-up sheet for next years pre-k class! It's going to be $50 more a month for us next year! Yikes!
We signed her up for soccer again, she liked it so much. It's 8 weeks this time, and starts this Thursday.

We had a nice Easter. Simple. Kids had fun. We flew kites too, which they loved.

That's it for now!
Back to yard work.

I'll also post this new scrapbook page I did! Lucas was helping Daddy!

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