Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lucas' check-up

Lucas had his (18 mo) check up today. He's 19 months old though.
He weighed in at 30 lbs, and is 36 inches tall. His head was 50.5
Everything is atleast about the 90%. Length being above the 100%.

Doctor said not to worry about his speech. He's doing just fine.
She says if I really want to, they'll run some blood work. But she says the lymph nodes were actually some of the smaller ones she had felt today. And if it were here, she wouldn't think it at all necassary. So we'll see. Part of me wanted them to do the bloodwork right then and there.

I went ahead and had him get the chicken pox vaccine. I had mixed feelings about it, but he's got it now.

Overall, he's doing great. Healthy, strong boy!

and here's a photo of him doing what he loves to do!
Causing trouble. I can't leave the room for a minute, I tell ya!
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