Friday, April 14, 2006

Petting farm ,and tulips

Tuesday, the kids had a dentist appt. It was Lucas' first. He did GREAT!
No cavities for either one, yay!
I have terrible teeth, and am praying my kids don't get my teeth.

Afterwards, since we were already more than halfway there, we decided to head up to the Tulip Festival. Lots of tulip fields!

We also found a working farm, that has a petting farm this time of year. The kids had a blast!! Lucas was so excited though, he almost smushed the baby chick and rabbits.
They had baby calfs, and grown cows, goats, and chicken. The kids really enjoyed it. I'm glad we went.
I want a baby cow now. lol!

Lucas is doing well in his toddler bed, although he seems to be getting up a little earlier than I like. But overall, he's sleeping in it well. Not getting up in the middle of the night at all, and not crying when we lay him down like he was at first.
Kilynn had her last soccor session yesterday, she really enjoyed it. So I think we'll be signing her up for the next one, which I didn't realize was in 2 weeks.

Tomorrow, we're off to Tacoma, to see the Wiggles.
We'll probaly do some grocery shopping afterwards, for some easter dinner stuff.
We've decided not to have a big ham dinner. Last year we had hoagies, pasta salad, etc. and we're doing the same this year. Yumm!

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