Thursday, June 01, 2006

My rockstar

Kilynn, the rockstar!!

I've totally slacked on updating this thing! I just haven't had much to babble about, and my arm has been hurting more lately.

Kilynn is done with preschool. She'll have a 2 week (3 day a week) summer camp at the school at the end of this month/beginning of next month. Then she'll be in pre-k in September!
She's still in soccer, and liking it! Although the kids are paying less attention lately, once one starts the other follow.
I'm thinking we'll skip the summer session, and start up again in the fall. I think I might put her in karate this summer, I'm going to call the place tomorrow. And I'm looking into swim lessons.
Our community pool opened last weekend, Ryan took her swimming. She loves it.
Lucas, could live without it.

Lucas is finally feeling better (knock on wood). He's been on three antibiotics, and had one thing after another the last 6 weeks! Poor guy!
He's still a stinker...and now throws fits! Full-blown tantrums.
He missed Ryan when he was gone, and attached himself to my hip. I don't think he understood, and thought maybe I'd be leaving too.
He's a funny guy! He loves being outside.

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Jonara Blu said...

Miss Kilynn..that outfit ROCKS!