Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip 2009

Our road trip started on June 19th..the last day of school. I picked Kilynn up, headed for the ferry, met my sister and we were on our way.
We'd already decided we'd take the *scenic* route down, take our time. We took the boring ol' I-5 through Washington and Oregon. Then cut over close to the California border. We stopped and checked out some sites along the way. The coastline in Crescent City, the redwoods and Avenue of Giants near Eureka....through a small part of Wine Country, and into San Francisco.
From there, we decided after two days, and lots of gas we'd cut back over to the 5 and be on our way to our final destination, in SoCal. We had a very nice road trip though..the kids loved seeing the new places (I think the favorite was the redwoods trees, and golden gate bridge) and of course, they loved the hotel all were happy!
Here are some more photos of the road trip...

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