Friday, March 19, 2010


I've decided to try getting back into the swing of blogging.
Not that I have many readers, but I do it for me mostly anyway. ;-)
Things have been busy around here. Nothing specific, just life in general.
I've been taking more and more photos, for people I don't know personally. Here are some from last weekends engagement session. I'm photographing their wedding in June as well.
I'm fairly certain weddings won't be something I do a lot of. It's stressful.
But I liked this bride when I met her, and she wanted fun, creative, artsy style photos. So I knew we'd be a good fit. I enjoyed photographing them, and look foward to their wedding.

If you know me, you'll understand how strange it is for me to be having to meet new people, and photograph them. I'm so shy, and horrible at meeting new people. But I've been doing it. Yes, I'm a bundle of nerves each time, but I'm getting through it. So, yay for me! ;-)
Kids are going great! Both enjoying school, and gearing up to start t-ball and softball in a week or so. Neither has played before. But wanted to try it this year. They are looking foward to it.
Confession from me: baseball bores me to watch. But I'll get through it.
I received Lucas' kindergarten registration last week. Oh!! My baby! off to kindergarten.
It's such a milestone. I mean, I can believe it, because he's technically K age right now. He'll be 6 when he starts. But it's still hard to believe it's truly is that time. Both my kids will be in school.
Ryans doing great. His job move two years ago seems to have been a good choice. He enjoys his work, and he's been promoted, and moved up in pay quite quickly in two years. Plus, he's been working 4 tens, which has been nice to have the three day weekend with him as well. Though he'll likely go back to 5 days when baseball starts, so that he can be home in time in the evenings to watch the kids play.
So, there's my update! I'm hoping it'll be more frequent now.

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