Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kilynn has been invited to another birthday party this weekend. A preschool friend.
It's hard for me, because I'm so shy and don't know any of the other mothers. But this will be the 2nd one I've taken her too. I can't make her miss out because I'm shy.
Being a mother has made me get over that, somewhat.

She stayed dry all day today, we've been having a problem with accidents lately, but YAY, a dry day.

Lucas still has the bumps. Actually, I even feel more. I don't think it's that he's gotten more, I think it's that I am examining his head and body too much now.
I actually felt one on the back of Kileys head too.
Lucas' haven't gotten any bigger, so for now, it's still a wait and see.
The Dr. made it sound like if they didn't get bigger, etc. Then he'd check up on them again at his next check up, in March.

Ryan wanted to call in sick tomorrow and take the kids to the's SO tempting.
But honestly, we can't afford for him to miss a day of work right now, or pay to make the trip over town to the zoo. But I know we'll go by this spring.
But it was a nice idea.

Ryan and I actually made it out to dinner, just the two of us Sunday evening. It was nice. We did some Costco shopping and had dinner at the Macaroni Grill (my new favorite)!

I walked again today!! I'm not walking miles yet, but I'm getting out and walking atleast! It's a start. The kids love it too, and Lucas naps so much better after being outside.
I think it helps too with my anxiety issues. Because anxiety is a physical feeling, and getting active helps that.

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