Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'll admit, I'm still not sure about this whole blogging thing.
I wonder if anyone really reads any of rambling.
But here I am, still blogging.

Kilynn had a field trip today. I went with them. It was just to the play gym at a local church. It's a public thing, that is offered three days a week. It's great, since it's rainy and all. I've been meaning to take Lucas, especially on the days I drop Kilynn off at school. Since it's only a few minutes away from her school.
She was a little whinier, because I was there. She wanted me next to her at all times. They may not allow me on anymore field trips. LOL! She got over it though ,and had fun. It was fun watching her interact with her friends.
She has lots of friends, but most of them came with being my child (my friends kids).
It's nice to see her making some new friends. Heck, it helps me meet new people too.
A couple of her classmates live in our neighborhood, I keep meaning to maybe get them together one day soon. It'll be nice when our community pool opens too, we can meet up there.
Kilynn is learning lots of letters recently. I had never really worked on them with her, but she must be learning some at school, and she's asking to learn new ones at home.
She writes O I L , on a lot of things, mostly because she knows those letters the best.
But she can write MOM now too, and most of her name (Kiley).
She learned shapes this month too, granted, she already knew most of them. She learned a couple new ones, like cross and diamond.
I see now, that preschool is very good for her. I plan on Lucas going at age three too.
It's not that I don't think she or he learned/is learning enough at home, they are. I just think it's been good for her to have some time away from mommy.
I just haven't had the chance to do all the "activities" and "teaching", I had envisioned I'd be doing.
But even if it's not as I had "envisioned", they are still learning plenty of new things, still doing plenty of crafts and hands-on stuff.

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Blogging Miles said...

It's definitely being read :)

That picture of Lucas is really cute with the painting.

It's good to hear Kiley is meeting new friends. Karissa has really flourished in her group meeting new friends and it's been easier in a schoolish group setting for us than just in our neighborhood. I'm too shy *gasp, yes me!* in meeting parents at the playground.