Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kiwi the kitty!

Yes. We admit it, we're a little crazy.
Ryan and I are both allergic to cats...although both of us grew up with childhood cats.
So, here we are, went out and got Kilynn a cat. Lucas loves it too.
Kiley was SO excited. She's a little bummed that the kitty won't sit and cuddle with her all night, but are trying to explain that the cat is a little scared, and needs to get to know us, and our house.
The kitty is not at all afraid of Sadie, she actually looks like she'd like to cuddle with her. Ryan said there were dogs at the house we got it from.
Sadie is hyperfied around the cat, but so far she hasn't attacked him. Thankfully. We're still very cautious, since they've just met.

Kilynn came up with the name KIWI all on her own! It was that or Kinko. I thought Kiwi was cuter. Posted by Picasa

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