Tuesday, January 31, 2006


That's what we've been doing around here, relaxing.

Kilynn got a cold over the weekend, I kept her home from school today. But I imagine she'll be ready to go back on Thursday.
Lucas started with a runny nose today, but she's teething too, so who knows.
I had the cold first, it started for me last week. I'm still feeling it in my head, but it could be worse. When I was smoking, it was worse. Honestly, since quitting, I'm not as sick as often, and for as long. Yay for me!

I didn't get a walk in today, it was windy and cold. I didn't want to take Kilynn out in it.
I'm trying to atleast every other day, to get out and walk. It's good for me. For my energy, my anxiety, and my attempt to lose some weight.

Yes, I'm trying to lose weight again. I did this time last year, but then I stopped trying. I didn't gain any, until recently. So, now I'm trying to lose what I gained, plus some. I'm just getting started so we'll see. I'd love to lose weight, simply because I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle. And hopefully, than I can stop taking my blood pressure medicine. I take a very small dosage now as it is. Plus, I'm very unfit!! A little activity will be good for me.

Kilynn just said she was hungry, as she's going to bed. I think she must be growing because she has been eating!!! Much more than usual for her.

Lucas is busy as ever! He's so funny. He has to do everything that Kilynn does.
He went on the potty yesterday, actually pee'd. That was the first time. But I have no immediate plans on trying to potty train him.
He wants a cup with no lid, just like Kilynn. He wants to sit at the table, not in his booster seat, just like Kilynn.
Oh, and somedays, he wants to wear her dress-up dresses too. And I let him. ;0)

A couple people lately, have asked what I'd charge to take pictures for them.. I really want to do it, but at the same time, I'm afraid too. Sometimes I get good pictures, by luck. What if I they don't like the ones I take.
The one is for a friends family reunion in September. So, I have some time to prepare. And decide if I'll do it. One of the days is Lucas' birthdate. So I'm not sure what I'll do.

We're going to Montana again, in May. My sister is graduating with her Masters.
We'll probaly just make it a long weekend. My dad as offered to pay for our hotel for atleast 2 nights, yay!
I wanted to get to California again this year, but now I'm thinking maybe we'll wait until Spring of 2007. I want to take the kids to Disneyland again, and I want to before Lucas' turns three. May as well go while he's still free, right? =0)
At some point, I want to go somewhere we haven't been. Sometime.

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Blogging Miles said...

Aw...Kiley looks so sweet having dinner in bed :) I hope she's feeling better!

I didn't realize you'd quit smoking for good....good for you!! My parents both started getting much healthier and are hardly ever sick now that they've quite smoking.

As for taking photos, go for it! The only advice I have is every time you do a job, take a TON of pictures! It's the only way to assure good ones. I got that advice from an article about this journalist's first job--he took 10 rolls of film at a sporting event. His editor said "great job, but next time don't be so frugal on the pictures! Take at least double that!" LOL

Good luck on the weight loss. It's been tough for me, but I feel good wearing sizes I haven't worn in years.