Friday, February 17, 2006


Kids are going crazy today, really.

I'm trying to get Kilynns room put back together (we finished painting it).

The kids are fighting, unless they are working together to do something naughty.
Three times I came out of Kilynns room, to find Lucas in the fridge. Literally, IN the fridge.
Another time I came out and both of them were throwing cheerious ALL over. Lucky for me, the dog likes to clean the carpet.
and this last time, I came out to find Lucas putting all of Sadies dog food in her water bowl. Fun.

You'd think I'd learn, and just give up on Kilynns room, and instead make sure the kids are not getting into any trouble. But of course, I didn't. Luckily, they are both content coloring right now, and I got her room finished, except for her bed made.

Doesn't help that Lucas' cold seems to be getting worse, and he's awfully cranky. Kilynn seems to be getting better, I hope that's truly the case.

So, now, I'm off to tend to the kids, and hang out with them for awhile. My chores can wait.
They have to, unless I want MORE to clean up later. LOL.

Okay, I took my deep breaths, I'm good to go now.

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