Saturday, February 18, 2006


My newest scrapbooking page.

People ask if I print them, or what I do with these layouts.
honestly, nothing yet. I imagine I'll order them printed someday. But for now, it's something I enjoy doing, and I think it looks so pretty.
It's some "me" time.

My friend came over with her 4 year old daughter today. Her and Kilynn hadn't seen eachother in awhile, so they had a great time being princesses and dressing up. Kilynn doesn't get play with many girls her age, so it's fun for her when she gets to. She does at school, but not at home. Most of our friends kids her age, are boys. One girl is older, and another is younger. They play, but it's not the same.
I helped my friend book a Disney vacation for her and her daughter. She's super excited to be able to take her, and I'm really excited for them. They deserve to do something like this, and I was glad to help book it online.

Lucas was cranky again today, he's on amoxacillan now, I hope it kicks in soon, and he feels better.
Poor baby.

Now, I'm ready for bed!
I have another page, I did of Lucas. But for some reason it didn't save right, so I have to "look" for it in my folders now.
You wouldn't believe how many folders I have in my "PICTURES". LOL. Or maybe you would.

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