Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Kilynn did survive her first sleepover. She did end up sleeping with our friends, instead of the kids at some point in the night, but she didn't cry to come home. She was excited to talk about her first sleepover.

On another note...She is giving us SO much attitude lately. Seriously. I can't believe it sometimes. I know some of it comes with age. But it's hard because she's always been such a sweet girl. Which she still is, but sometimes, wow.
I'm not really sure what to do about it. We're totally butting heads.

Hm, not much else to report right now.
We think we may have figured out why my whole left arm keeps going numb and hurting. At first the Dr. was thinking carpal tunnel. But after I went to the physical therapist they are thinking it's Thoracic outlet syndrome. So they gave me some stretches to do at home, and I went to the massage therepist yesterday, and she worked it. We'll see what happens.

I signed Kilynn up for a 6 week soccor program. We'll see if she likes it. I'm afraid she'll attach herself to my leg, because we're not sure she'll know anyone. But I've been waiting for there to be something around here for her age. So, now that there is, I'm signing her up. I wish they'd offer some sort of dance/gymnatstic class. I like the idea of 6-8 week sessions. The only dance class around here you pay monthly for 9 months.

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