Monday, March 27, 2006

just some rambling

I tried taking pictures of the kids today, since I'm obivously not going to make it over town for Spring photos, or Lucas' 18 month studio photos.
It's very hard to get Kilynn to smile naturally, and for Lucas to even look at the camera. LOL.
So getting one of them together is nearly impossible.

Here's a few that I got. Click

We're watching my friends daughter tonight and tomorrow. Kilynn is really enjoying have a sleep-over. They are very cute playing together. It's funny because when Krisann (the little girl, she turned 3 in december) was younger Kilynn wouldn't play with her. She mostly played with Krisanns older brother, Anthony(who turned 5 in Jan). But in the last 4 months or so, the girls have been playing more together.

I haven't been able to do much digital scrapbooking.
My left arm/shoulder has been really hurting. I'm going to physical therapy for it, but there's only so much stretching you can do. I think I mentioned it, but apparently it's thoracic outlet syndrome. My nerves and blood vessels are getting cut off somewhere under a muscle or something under my collar bone. If I lift my arm, I apparently have no pulse in that arm either.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how fast kids grow up nowdays.
It's scary, really.
She was saying how much her 1st grade daughter is picking up just by riding the bus. I guess 1st graders ride it with 5th grader. That's a big age difference. I'm rethinking Kilynn riding the bus, as much as she's looking forward to it. I guess a 3rd grader recently convinced her friends she was pregnant, seriously! 3rd grade! Homeschooling sounds more and more tempting.

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