Saturday, April 01, 2006

Vomit and the Shaggy Dog

Nice title huh?

So, you all know Kilynn was sick and down for a day & 1/2. Than Lucas threw up once two nights later. And although he had a few pretty full diapers, overall he bounced back quick. Never once acting sick.
I started getting a chest/head cold a few days ago, so thought I'd weasle out of the stomach fly.
Oh no! of course not.
I felt crummy yesterday, and for sick last night! Ugh! I HATE the stomach flu.
So, I stayed in bed most of today, but after a nap this afternoon, I did the "mind over matter" trick, and made myself get up and dressed.
I felt better.
We took Kilynn to the movies. I feel even better now, although my chest hurts and I'm achy from the cold! But I'll take that over the stomach flu any day.

So, anyway. We took Kilynn to see the Shaggy Dog, at the drive-in. Which was pretty fun for her. It was her first time. Well, kind of. We went once when she was like 4 months old.
She enjoyed it. We considered staying for the 2nd movie. But I knew she was tired and would fall asleep, and Ryan had started feeling icky (I'm sure he'll have it by tomorrow).
So, we didn't. The 2nd movie was Eight Below, it's playing at a local theatre in Langley next weekend, if she really wants to go see it.
She still mostly likes animated movies, but she enjoyed the Shaggy Dog. It was cute.

So, now I'm off to get some more sleep....much needed.
Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight!

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Jonara Blu said...

So you didn't get it right? I was gonna tell you a while back when I read that Kilynn had it that everyone here at and I was trying to ditch it as well. I think that you and I are the same about throwing up..pretty darn near paranoid of it :( Maybe i did tell you..I don't remember..but it was so bad for Koa..that he had to go in the hospital and have an IV. Then his mom got and his dad. His brother never got it though. My mom caught it from my aunt on the mainland and brought it back with her..she was sick the day after Koa was in the hospital. So far I have ditched it. Then cam got this flu..but I dont' think it was the same..or maybe he got two kinds at once if that is possible. He was throwing up..but he always does that...he definitley has like an achy fever congested flu. I'm trying to ditch this one too..but I don't know..I had to empty that barf bucket so many times :\