Friday, March 31, 2006

I spoke to soon!

Kilynns all better...
Lucas woke up a couple times last night, I kept thinking it must be his stomach. Well, around 4 a.m., he threw up.. Thankfully, he only has once though. And he's running around, acting normal. He doensn't know how to be sick...I can't imagine him laying in bed all day like Kilynn did. LOL.
So, Ryan stayed home this morning, planning on going to work. Than the fish tank we just got started leaking. So, now the fish are in bowls, awaiting their new tank. Thankfully, Ryans aunt just happened to mention the other night, that she had a tank we could have if we ever wanted it.
So, now Ryan's home atleast long enough to pick that up, then hopefully he can go get some hours in. That's his plan anyway.

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Jonara Blu said...

oh guys got whats going sis here, her little one got it so bad he had to go to the emergency room and have IV therapy..he was so dehydrated. Then she got it the next day. I'm paranoid to get it..Cameron spent the night there Sunday night too! I'm with you..afraid of pukinh! It's one of my BIGGEST fears..I"m such a baby. Cam is sick too..had a fever last night of 100.2 but only had a slight stomache ache. He took activated charcoal..that can help you not throw up, helps with indigestion too. He is doing fine still.