Thursday, June 08, 2006


Lucas has been so whiny lately. Crying, throwing tantrums, all that great stuff.
I'm hoping it's the "terrible-twos" and it passes.
I'm reminded of his newborn colic days.

He whines "Mama" over and over again in the car until we reach our destination. Sometimes crying the whole time too, occasionally letting out a louder scream with attitude to it.
Ah, so fun!

When he's beeing good, he's great! Sweet, funny, great personality...
but when he's in that mood! Whoa boy!

Kilynn is pretty good, for the most part. This week, she's really been bad about crying when she doesn't get her way. It's gotten worse. I'm not sure if she's just overly tired. She doesn't nap anymore, and we've been doing a lot of outside activites, and swimming.

Anyway, my day was long! I'm ready for bed, and a new day tomorrow!

We're going swimming tomorrow. My father-in-law is watching Lucas while he naps, and I'm taking Kiley with our friend and her son.
We'll probaly swim Saturday too. Sunday we're going to see Dora LIVE, should be fun!

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