Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Okay, so I've totally slacked at updating this thing. I'm not sure what happened, or why I suddenly stopped posting.
So, I'm doing to try to update here!
Let me think, where to start!

Ryan went to France, and made it home safely. He enjoyed his visit. We don't have all his pictures yet, the friend he went with has them on his computer. We haven't got the disc yet.
Since being home, Ryan has been working a lot! The machines are here from France, and they are doing the big switch over so he's been super busy.

He did manage to go get his tattoos..He's been wanting one for 3 years....involving Kilynns name..well, now we have two kids. He got their names with there zodiac symbols (tribal style). The middle design is an older tattoo.

We've been busy, enjoying the weather on nice days. Going to the park, beaches, and just playing outside. Our community pool also opened, so we've been doing a lot of swimming! Kilynns loves it, Lucas tolerates it so far.

The kids are doing good. Kilynn is done with preschool now. She has a daycamp there at the end of this month for 2 weeks. She'll do three days a week from 10-1p.m.
Then next year, she'll be in pre-k! Can't believe it. She's still in soccer, and really liked it. But we may take the summer session off, and I might put her in karate. We'll see.

Lucas is doing well! He's still a big stinker. When he's good, he's great..but when he's bad, he's really bad.
He loves being outside, playing, digging, etc! All that fun stuff. He still wants to do everything Kilynn does. He's a funny guy!

We took the kids to the Olympic Game Farm the other day. They had a great time. We took my little brother also.
It's a drive through zoo, type thing. Buffalos, elk, yaks, llamas, deer, and bears. You can bring bread and feed most of the animals..the buffalo and elk are intimidating..they sure are big!
It was really cute the bears even wave hello.. I think some use to be in movies, so they are trained. I got one to sit, and stand up too. Lucas thought they were big dogs, and loved em'.
Here's a little video.

While we were over in that area, we went to a couple beaches on the Dungesness Spit, and to an old Fort in Pt.Townsend.

Here's one of me and my brother Aiden!

Kilynn and Aiden

Okay, so there's out update! Long! I'll try to keep up with this thing!

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Tina said...

Scott went to Paris, on a business trip a couple years ago. He's been dying to take me back ever since!
Maybe someday...

Tina J.