Friday, September 04, 2009


Lucas is 5 now.
I'm amazed. Has it really been five years since my last baby was born?
It has.

It's funny though, because I think Lucas has always seemed older then he is, maybe because he's always played with older kids. I'm not sure. But he's 5 now, that's a big number. He's a big boy.

He's a crazy crazy boy. He will literally drive you crazy, but then he'll turn around and make you smile. Or give you the best hug ever!
He's funny and sensitive, and obsessive-compulsive. He's my boy!

He had a blast at his party. We ended up with 20 kids, and 14 or so adults. I planned for a *small* party. That was really our closest friends and family. But, alot of of our friends have 2+ kids, some 3 and 4 kids. So the kid count adds up fast. ;0)
A friend commented "you know the kids having a great birthday party when he doesn't even ask to open his presents"..which is soo true. His presents weren't his concern, he was just having a blast with his friends!

He had a Super Mario theme this year. I made his cake to look like a DS game screen. And he also requested a blackberry pie(which are growing wildly here right now). We made salmon (which somehow got over-looked..we ended up with tons left), hamburgers and hotdogs.

He did love his gifts, some highlights were his football, trampoline, new scooter, and wooden train set (which he decided he's into again).
Overall, a great 5th birthday for my lil' man!

here are a some other from the party

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