Monday, September 07, 2009


Lucas decided that he needed a new pet with his birthday money.
I was leaning towards a veggie/cricket eating lizard, but my children and husband had something else in mind....
Meet Spike...or Spikey as Lucas named him.
I wanted to name him Fluffy. ;0) Or Tupac.
I was picturing Lucas at school, sharing about his pet snake, Tupac...or Fluffly.
But he was having nothing of that.
Spike is a Ball Python. We researched the best reptile suggestions for beginngers/kids.
This was one of them, though he will get bigger. 3-5 feet long, and quite round.
He could live 20-50 years. To think, Lucas' children may be meeting Spike someday.
So, Lucas is super excited. As is Kilynn and daddy.

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MandyMoo said...

Nice snake!
20-50 years! Wow!
Congrats :)