Wednesday, September 16, 2009


" I wish when Jesus made us, he'd gave us the force"~Lucas
(think Star Wars).
I thought this was so cute when he said it to me in the car today...

Lucas started Pre-K this year.
It's the same preschool he's been attending for 2.5 years already. And the same one Kilynn went too. But still, he was not so happy when I dropped him off. He gripped my shirt with all he had. Crazy boy! I guess my kids just like spending time with me sooo much. LOL.
really though, I knew he'd be fine.
And he was happy and content when I picked him up.

He also started soccer Monday, and is doing wonderfully. Lucas is shy, super shy around people he doesn't know. So I was very proud to see him get out there and not hide with me. He's having lots of fun with it, and was excited to go again tonight.

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