Wednesday, October 21, 2009

favorite things

Here are some of my current favorites things...

1. Apple Dumplings found on PioneerWoman. I've made these more often than I should have. You've GOT to try them.

2. Vampire Diaries- loving this show. I read the first book, didn't love it enough to get any others yet. But the show has sucked me in. Watch it!

3. Fall- the colors I'm seeing everywhere! Loving it!

4. Kleenax with Lotion~ I'm so sick right now. I feel horrible! Kids are too, but they sure have more energy than me. I'd much rather not be sick, but since I am. I'm so grateful for tissues with lotion softness.
5. My Mentha Lip Shine from Bath and Body Works. I LOVE it. Especially since I'm sick, and my lips are chapped from mouth breathing for three nights.
But I loved it before that too!
One of my online friends, Jeni, sent it to me probaly two years ago now, and I've loved it ever since. .
**and a favorite for the men Mentha Body Buffer . Ryan loves this stuff. It works great on his rough hands.

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