Tuesday, September 29, 2009

preschool decisions

So, back in August I applied for Lucas to attend ECEAP. The low-income preschool at the public school. A couple friends had gone there and liked it.
But we were over income and below income gets in first.

Soooo...We went ahead and started him at his old preschool. The same one he'd gone to the since he was 2.5. We love the school. It was tehe $150 a month that we are having a hard time swallowing.
But atleast we love the school ,and know he'll learn what he needs for kindergarten plus some.
But, it's also about 15-20 minutes from our home. More gas to attend there as well.
But we were happy with him being there, and had decided it's only 8 more months and he'll be done. We'd get by.
And just the other day the teacher mentioned that Lucas talked all day long..to other kids...and to the teachers. This was big for Lucas, because he's soo shy around other people.

So, today there's a message from ECEAP. Looks like theres room for him afterall.

Now I'm left decided what to do. ECEAP is free, btw. And he could ride the bus there everyday, I would just pick him up.

I'm soooo torn!

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Mandy said...

TOUGH one! Can he try out ECEAP and come back to the other school if it's not working out as well?
Good luck!